Period: October 28th - December 2nd
Location: Logge del Papa - Siena

Opening Time:
Friday: 03:00 pm-07:00 pm
Saturday-Sunday: 10:00 am-07:00 pm
Holidays: 10:00 am-07:00 pm

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Cumulative ticket: € 7,00 per person
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Le Logge del Papa

Description: Zaidi’s work in Brazil is part of his ongoing personal project, a long-term effort spanning six countries to produce a visual documentary anthology focused on “capturing the human spirit across some of the poorest communities in the world.”

Through this exhibition, entitled “Empty Promises: Priced out of Rio’s favelas,” Zaidi documents life in the Favela Manguiera community, just 1km from the Maracanã Stadium.

About two million people, nearly 30 percent of Rio de Janeiro’s residents, live in “favela” communities, slums that often lack basic services like running water, sanitation, security or education.

Life for Brazil’s poorest communities got a lot worse after the country spent billions of dollars on the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics.

 “In their bid to host the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics, Brazilian authorities promised to improve life in the favelas of Rio,” Zaidi says. “But the ‘pioneering’ pacification schemes and the promise to splash about billions of dollars remodeling the slums as part of the Morar Carioca (“Rio Living”) program has had an unintended consequence.”

In fact, increased rent prices pushed the poorest families into squatting in abandoned buildings.

 “Despite the difficulties of their living conditions, this community is bound together by a sense of camaraderie, dignity and a pride in the place they call home.”