Ceramiche Artistiche S. Caterina


Description: Ceramiche S. Caterina opened it's first workshop in Siena in 1949. Soon after the studio was relocated to it's current location: via P. A. Mattioli N. 12. Sculptor Marcello Neri has owned the studio since 1961. Born in Siena in 1926, he received his diploma of Master of Arts from The Institute of Art of Siena in 1945.
He worked for 4 years in the sculptore studio of Fausto Corsini and then in Montelupo Fiorentino for another 12 years where he further cultivated his experience in the field of sculpture and ceramics.
Over the years, with the help of his wife Franca (also an adept ceramics artist), Ceramiche S. Caterina has always sought to produce quality work that is appresiated not only in Siena but throughout the world.
Interest in the tradition of this craft has been passed on to their son, Fabio, who was born in siena in 1964. He received his diploma from The Institute of Art in 1983 and then joined his parents thus continuing and expanding the family business to include restoration and art courses in addition to sculpture, ceramic pottery and painting.
The studio has a vast selection of designs ranging from traditional Tuscan maiolica and terracotta to works typical of the Sienese Renaissance.
Many of these works are one of a kind pieces. Amongst their higher quality production is the famous as "Stile Senese" (Sienese Style) inspired by the marble inlayed pavement of the Duomo Cathedral of Siena.


Via di Città 51, 74, and 76 - Siena (SI)
+39 0577 45006


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