Period: October 28th - November 30th
Location: Via di Città, 36 - Siena
Opening Times:
Mon-Sun: 10.00-12.00am and 03.00-06.00pm

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Accademia dei Rozzi

Description: coming up from the Piazza del Campo through Vicolo di San Paolo and then turning left, after a few metres you can find the Accademia dei Rozzi Palace that overlooks Via di Città, Via delle Terme, Piazza Indipendenza and Via Diacceto.
The building of considerable size has undergone numerous and substantial changes, both internally and in the facades, and has incorporated several buildings among which the medieval tower of the family Codenacci and the premises of the Wool workers Guild.
On the side overlooking Piazza Indipendenza, you can access to the prestigious Teatro dei Rozzi, built upon a design by Alessandro Doveri in 1814 and later expanded by the purist architect Augusto Corbi. The horseshoe-shaped theater has three orders of boxes and an upper gallery, jutting out in the Hall. Their divisions are decorated with acanthus leaves shelves in Golden stucco.
By Via di Città 36 you can access to the rooms specifically dedicated to the activity of the Academy. Inside there are several halls, finely decorated and finished with fine historic furnishings: the Hall of Mirrors, the Conversation rooms, the lounges, the Reading Room and the Hall of Suvera. The historic Congregation of Rozzi was born in the third decade of the sixteenth century and was transformed into the Academy in 1665.