SIPAContest Festival October 26 - October 28


SIPAContest Festival represents an unmissable occasion for all the photography lovers who will arrive in Siena from all over the world. An entire month of Festival, during which many photography events will be organized: the “Beyond the Lens” exhibition with the most beautiful images presented at the contest Siena International Photo Awards, unique tours around Siena, post-production courses, workshops, conferences given by famous photographers and more exhibitions held by important international authors. An unforgettable experience realized and tailor-made for photography lovers, which will let you discover one of the most interesting places in the world, with wonderful events linked to photography. The Festival’s goal is to lace a cultural and international initiative to the name of Siena, a city of extraordinary inspiration for photographical research, beginning with the unique Festival which gives us the most intimate representation of the city: the Palio.


One of the jewels of Tuscany, a worldwide tourist destination with over 2 million visitors per year, a unique territory which includes in its province four UNESCO World Heritage sites: Siena, Pienza, San Gimignano and the Val d'Orcia. In Siena you will find artworks by great masters such as Michelangelo, Donatello, Duccio, Jacopo della Quercia, Simone Martini, Ambrogio Lorenzetti. Siena is a destination known worldwide for its Middle Age history and monuments with breathtaking landscapes and numerous traditions: first of all the Palio.



A fascinating journey will bring you into a world full of culture, where the visual art is expressed through different themes, all of high value. An invitation to look beyond the lens to be surprised by the beauty of faces and situations of everyday life, or by untouched natural environments “captured” by the authors, using their knowledge of the surroundings, their creativity, patience and story-telling skills with a camera. The exhibitions will be one of the Festival’s main events, hosted by the most important locations of Siena. Collective and personal exhibitions of internationally awarded artists together with the exposition “Beyond the Lens”: a showcase of the Siena International Photo Award 2018 edition’s best shots. Breathtaking images and extraordinary reportages from around the world; the intimate expression of a way of communication through the lens. A unique moment, captured in one spectacular shot.


If you love photography, in November all the lenses will be pointed towards Siena and its SIPAContest Festival. The event, a tribute to visual art, is organized and divided into personal and collective exhibitions, workshops, photo-tours, seminars, conferences, projections, guided tours on the spot and many other events like the Award Ceremony which will conclude in “grand style” the Siena International Photo Award’s 2018 Edition. We are talking about one of the most important international photography contest, with 48.000 images coming from 156 countries around the world. SIPAContest will provide unique opportunities to deepen your photography skills thanks to the participation of important international photographers. 


Siena is one of the richest areas of Italy in terms of natural and artistic beauty with four UNESCO world heritage sites. Nature here offers extraordinary beauty, in terms of vineyards, olive groves, forests and natural reserves dotted with castles, churches and medieval villages still intact. This extraordinary southern part of Tuscany offers famous hilly areas such as Chianti,  well known for its excellent wines, villages, parishes, castles and precious vineyards; clay areas and moon-like landscapes with as the Crete Senesi, and only a few kilometers away we find the Val d’Orcia valleys covered with sunflowers, sheep strolling around and picturesque medieval villages such as Pienza and Montalcino where the Brunello wine is produced. In just 80 km you can visit magnificent territories renowned throughout the world.

During SIPAContest Festival you will be guided into a journey that will be framed in your heart for a life time! Check out some of the photo tours available from October 26th 2018. The number of participants is limited. Register today!



A series of photographic workshops and post-production courses will be organized during the SIPAContest Festival, so that photography lovers, as well as professionals, can deepen their knowledge with the best experts of the sector. The workshops will be a unique occasion for professional training combined with tours on the territory and the exhibitions taking place in the main museums in Siena.


If you are interested in visiting Siena during the period of the exhibition "Beyond the Lens", we offer attractive and affordable opportunities. You can make your bookings and reservations through all the facilities, services and amenities affiliated with SIPAContest thanks to a free gift voucher that will allow you to access to special fares and discounts reserved exclusively by all the facilities in Siena that support the event. 

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