59th "Sagra del Tordo" Festival

Feast in the Brunello region: the Nature Train will allow you to take part in a historic display during which the neighborhoods  of Montalcino Borghetto (red and white), Pianello (blue and white), Ruga (blue and yellow) and Travaglio (red and yallow), will challenge each other in an archery contest with the participation of the whole town.

The old Asciano-Monte Antico railway was re-opened in 1996 as a “touristic route” during festivities, within a project aimed at re-using the side railways laid on areas far from urban and industrial phenomenon, in order to preserve an important “industrial archaeology”. The route lays on a spectacular naturalistic environment and landscape, through the Crete Senesi, passing by highly interesting touristic areas such as Montalcino or Monte Amiata’s hillside. In this area, in which you can also find famous thermal springs and fine grapes used to produce the well-known Brunello di Montalcino wine, it was established the Val D’Orcia Artistic Natural and Cultural Park, is now declared a Unesco World Heritage Site. 
A festival which will make you discover ancient tastes, beyond the simple holiday, to discover a slow and sustainable tourism.


Meeeting Point: Siena Railways Station
When: morning and afternoon
Timetable: from 08:50am to 06:47pm
Lenght: 9,57 hours
Language: Italian & English 
Date: Sunday October 29th 2017
Cost: € 32,00

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